Troublemakers At Work

Troublemakers At WorkOn 29 July 2023 we held the first Troublemakers At Work conference in Manchester. Despite a rail strike 165 people took part in person, plus about 20 online. Rather than being talked at or reminded why we need to fight, attendees met new people, shared practical experiences, learned from each other and built connections. The energy and buzz continued into the evening at the fundraiser for the RMT.

Crowd in a hall with banners, at the opening plenary of Troublemakers 2023
Opening session, Troublemakers 2023

Following the conference 45 people took part in an online meeting to discuss next steps for Troublemakers At Work. There were lots of great ideas and 27 people from a variety of industries and organisations volunteered to help carry Troublemakers forward.

We need to bring together workers who have won improvements at work, taken strike action, and transformed weak unions into a strong voice for workers. We have a rank-and-file orientation: the labour movement is built and owned by the workers in it, not the paid officials or leaderships of unions.

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You can support Troublemakers by buying one of our picket-line-friendly t-shirts for just £10:

Troublemakers At Work
Rank and file workers conference
29 July Manchester
At Friends Meeting House
t-shirt design

Our conference was organised by a democratic committee, without affiliation to political parties or particular unions. We are proudly supported by some serious organisations trying to build the most powerful workers movement possible, initially including Workers Can Win!Strike Map and Organise Now! For an updated list, see About Us.

Strike Map, Organise Now! Workers Can Win

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