About us

Troublemakers At Work is for workers who want to change something about your work, start a union at work or kickstart an existing one.

We came together at our first conference on 29 July 2023 in Manchester and this inspired us to continue organising together.

Our point of view is of the union rank and file, meaning grassroots workers rather than those employed by unions. We focus on building workers’ own collective power and democratic control of our unions. We all need to strengthen organisation at our own work and show solidarity with each other. Sometimes we need to oppose rotten deals or push for action despite obstruction within our unions. Those who want more effective unions may stand for positions, but ‘new faces in old places’ isn’t enough – we need to make our unions more democratic, inclusive and responsive. Our focus is on making trouble at work, but our lives and issues don’t start and end when we stop being paid – and neither should our solidarity.

We avoid duplicating work others are already doing – we help connect people instead. We support efforts to create rank-and-file groups in particular industries or unions. We recognise that there are sometimes multiple overlapping groups trying to do this. We reach out to and try to work with everyone who shares our broad approach.

Particular disputes often throw up events or organisations to address a particular argument or to pull people around a particular political organisation. These have their value and we want to work together where we can but we believe something bigger and ongoing is needed. People making trouble at work needs in-person and online spaces where we can share our experiences and meet people grappling with the same problems without being told what to think. That process could lead to producing resources, taking action together, training or whatever else those involved need.

If you share this vision, please get involved in Troublemakers At Work.